i/o ventures

Frequently asked questions

How do we apply?
Find a way to reach out to us via one of the mentors. If that doesn't work contact us through the founders of one of our portfolio companies. If that fails then find us on social media. At last resort use the generic email that we rarely check.
How many companies do you accept per session?
We accept up to 5 companies per session. Right now we're aiming at a 3 month program with 3 months optional for those that want to continue using the i/o space.
How much do you invest and what are your terms?
We invest $25,000. For this we usually get 8% of the company.
How much access will we get to the mentors?
The mentors will be coming in and out of the i/o space at periodic times. We'll be working on setting up office hours so everyone can get some one on one time. There will also be opportunities to ping people via email or our forum.
What types of startups do you accept?
We'll look at everything. However due to our domain expertise we tend to focus on web services, client software, digital media, and gaming.
Do we have to move to San Francisco?
Yes. We feel the most benefit you can get out of our startup accelerator program happens when you are here with us face to face. This includes interacting with all the mentors and speakers we have come through the door. Plus you get to network with the fellow i/o companies.
Do we need to use the i/o space?
There is no requirement that you show up day to day. We will be throwing events and dinners for all the companies and we highly recommend attending all of them.
Do we have to be US citizens?
For us it doesn't really matter. As long as you're able to be here for the duration of the program.